Adding brokers to a cluster using the AWS Console

  1. Log in to the console for the account with the cluster you want to modify

  2. Open the Amazon MSK Console -

  1. Choose the Amazon MSK cluster you want to modify and click on the name

  1. Scroll to the Brokers section and select Edit

  1. Enter the total number of brokers you want to have in each availability zone and select Save Changes

Notice that you will be notified about the total number of Kafka brokers when the change is complete - ensure this is what you want

  1. You will be returned to the Cluster overview page to wait

Notice that there is a status bar at the top which indicates there is a cluster update in process (Updating the number of brokers per AZ)

Also note that the Status of the cluster is Updating

The expansion operation will take some time (10+ minutes) so be patient.

  1. When the change is done and the cluster is expanded, you will see a green bar in the console letting you know Amazon MSK has successfully updated the number of brokers

  1. You can now reassign partitions to the new brokers.

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