Overview of storage addition process

  • This Lab requires you to have completed the Cluster Creation Lab. If you haven’t completed it, please complete it and then come back to this lab.

As you use your Amazon MSK cluster, you will start to retain data and see the data volume usage grow (see cloudwatch monitoring for more details). This is normal as the cluster will retain data for as long as you’ve configured it to be kept.

But what happens when the cluster keeps growing, and you’ve looked at your growth and retention and realize you’re going to need more storage? Never fear, storage can be scaled up in your Amazon MSK cluster. It’s a quick, painless, online operation that will quickly add more capacity to your cluster.

View the current cluster storage

  1. Open the Amazon MSK console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/msk/
  2. Choose the Amazon MSK cluster
  3. Scroll to the Storage section
  4. Look for EBS storage volume per broker

Some notes to consider:

  • While there is a default retention set for your cluster, you can also set retention on a per topic basis. If you have some topics you only need short retention on, go ahead and lower it on a per topic basis to save some space.

  • Kafka does not handle running out of disk space well. Brokers will safely shut down and will not restart until there is enough disk space to safely start again.

  • We strongly urge you to setup Cloudwatch alarms (or other monitoring) that will warn you when your cluster or brokers are getting low on disk space. A little monitoring can save you downtime.

  • You can only expand the disk on the brokers the same amount on every broker. This means if you have one broker that is filling up and you want to add more space, you will be adding space to every node.

  • As you grow your disk capacity, there will be additional charges for the additional storage.