Connect to KafkaClientInstance


The KafkaClientInstance is an EC2 instance that should have been provisioned in your account as part of your Cloudformation deployment as part of each module. This instance comes installed with the tools you will need for the labs, including all of the common Kafka binaaries.

This document will guide you through connecting to the instance.


If you’ve provisioned your lab account using the suggested Cloudformation template in your lab module, then the KafkaClientInstance will be running in your account. You can verify this by openign the EC2 Console, click on Running Instances, then confirm that you see an instanced with the Name of KafkaClientInstance.

If you haven’t used the Cloudformation template to deploy the VPC, subnets, routing, and KafkaClientInstance, first create an SSH keypair, then you can get the template here or directly Launch it here (this is the easiest option).

If you have run the Cloudformation template and you still don’t have an instance, please reach out to your Workshop/Immersion Day support person to investigate.

Connecting to your KafkaClientInstance

You will use SSH to connect to your KafkaClientInstance. This will be done via the Shell provided in Cloud9

  1. Open the EC2 Console, click on Running Instances. Click on the KafkaClientInstance and then copy the Private IP

  1. Use Cloud9 to connect to the instance via SSH, using the SSH Key you created