Connect to your KafkaClientInstance

As part of most labs, and in a production environment, you are going to need a number of tools to interact and manage Kafka. In this lab, we will use an EC2 instance that we refer to as the KafkaClientInstance to run the Kafka CLI tools from, as well as running things like Docker and AWS CLI commands.

This document will guide you in how to get the connection details for this instance and how to connect to it.

  1. Sign in to the AWS Console for the account you’re using for the lab
  2. In the top right corner of your web console, click on Services and then type EC2 in to the search box - click on EC2 when it is highlighted
  3. Click on Running instances
  4. In the seach bar at the top enter KafkaClientInstance and hit enter

This will filter the view, and you should see only one instance


  1. Click on the instance and you’ll see the bottom of the window get populated with details about the instance
  2. Look for the IPv4 Public IP address and copy it

You can use this information as well as the SSH key you generated previously to connect in to the KafkaClientInstance