1. Get the the Access Key and Secret Key

From the Event Engine

Follow this if you are running this lab as part of a formal workshop where we provided you with an account.

  1. Navigate to the Event Engine page -
  2. Enter your team hash - this will be provided by the event staff
  3. Click on AWS Console
  4. You can get the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY from either the Mac/Linux or Windows section, depending on your use

From your account

If you are running this lab through your own account, you will need to have a user with access and secret keys.

The user should have the following permissions:

  • AmazonMSKFullAccess
  • AmazonESFullAccess
  • AmazonS3FullAccess
  • AmazonEC2FullAccess

This access is very permissive and the user should be removed after you’re done working on the lab

2. Configure the AWS Cli

  1. Connect to your KafkaClientInstance using SSH and the Keypair you provided when the cluster was built

  2. Check that the AWS CLI is installed

     $ aws version
     aws-cli/1.x.y Python/3.7.4 Linux/...`

If it’s not installed, follow this guide to install the CLI on your system.

  1. Configure the AWS CLI with the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key you gathered above

    $ aws configure

For output format you can choose json, text, table - JSON is good for this exercise.

You can change this on the command line by adding --output [text|json|table at run time]. This is helpful if you are getting a very large JSON object back and want to see text.

  1. Test connectivity by running aws kafka list-clusters and you should see a list of clusters in your account