Cruise Control Rebalance

One of the core reasons to use Cruise Control is to more evenly distribute data among the Apache Kafka brokers to more evenly utilize resources. It is important to know that by directing Cruise Control to execute any of the tasks, you will impact the clusters’ resources. These tasks should be done during a low utilization time.

To visualize your resource skew, click on the “Cruise Control Proposals” tab.

Note the stats highlighted in red. These stats indicate the percentage of imbalance.

The next step in this work flow is to initiate the rebalance. Click the “Kafka Cluster Administration” tab.

Note the “dry run” check box. Running any of the tasks with that check box checked will simply produce a plan while not affecting the cluster.

The most common task is “Rebalance broker disks”. This will attempt to ensure that all broker disk space is utilized evenly.

If you have a deeper cluster utilization skew you can use the “Rebalance Cluster” radio button. This will allow the user to select which resources should be rebalanced.

Checking the options as shown above will rebalance the most utilized resources of any MSK Cluster.