Cruise Control UI Overview

To make the UI have metrics that are relatable it is recommended to create a number of topics with many partitions as well as run kafka-producer-perf-test against your cluster to generate load. You will need to download Apache Kafka in order to get the required command line tools.

As described in the Common tasks - SIMPLE KAFKA PRODUCER AND CONSUMER, Connect to your KafkaClientInstance via SSH in Cloud9.

From the Apache Kafka package root directory, located in ~/kafka, on the KafkaClientInstance run the following commands.

cd ~/kafka

bin/ --bootstrap-server $MYBROKERS  --create --topic test_topic1 --replication-factor 3 --partitions 100

bin/ --bootstrap-server $MYBROKERS  --create --topic test_topic2 --replication-factor 3 --partitions 100

bin/ --bootstrap-server $MYBROKERS  --create --topic test_topic3 --replication-factor 3 --partitions 100

bin/ --producer-props bootstrap.servers=$MYBROKERS acks=all --throughput 10000 --num-records 99999999 --topic test_topic1 --record-size 1000

Let the command run for a few minutes to generate enough metrics for meaningful metrics to be produced.

Getting started

Open your web browser and navigate to your Cloud9 instance on port 9091. You should be presented with a screen that looks like.

From here you will need to select your cluster.
Select “dev” from the drop down.

The main screen shows various pieces of information about your cluster, and the health of it.

To view the current load on the Apache Kafka cluster, click the “Kafka Cluster Load” tab.