Install Cruise Control UI


  1. On your Cloud9 host download the latest Cruise Control UI from
  1. Decompress the cruise-control-ui package.
tar -xvzf cruise-control-ui-0.3.4.tar.gz
  1. Move the UI directory into the main Cruise control directory.
mv cruise-control-ui ~/cruise-control-2.4.25/
  1. You will also need to allow port 9091 to your Amazon Cloud9 instance. You can download to your Amazon Cloud9 instance and run it with:
sudo pip3 install boto3 requests
python3 --ip <IP Of your Laptop>/32 --region <Region where you've deployed>

Or manually open the Security group that your Cloud9 instance is part of and add the following rule. The same steps as in the Open monitoring preparation - Step 2 should be taken.

  • Type: Custom TCP
  • Port range: 9091
  • Source:
  • Description: Cruise Control UI

Note: You should change the Source to only the IP of your local machine.