Mirror Maker 2 overview

MirrorMaker 2 (MM2) is a tool that is included with Apache Kafka 2.4.0 and higher that can be used to keep multiple Apache Kafka clusters in sync as well as to fan-in and fan-out messages between clusters. Here are some of the high level features of MM2:

  • Leverages the Kafka Connect framework and ecosystem.

  • Includes both source and sink connectors.

  • Includes a high-level driver that manages connectors in a dedicated cluster.

  • Detects new topics, partitions.

  • Automatically syncs topic configuration between clusters.

  • Manages downstream topic ACL.

  • Supports “active/active” cluster pairs, as well as any number of active clusters.

  • Supports cross-datacenter replication, aggregation, and other complex topologies.

  • Provides new metrics including end-to-end replication latency across multiple data centers/clusters.

  • Emits offsets required to migrate consumers between clusters.

  • Tooling for offset translation.

  • MirrorMaker-compatible legacy mode.

  • No rebalancing.

To read more about MM2, see KIP-382