Event Engine Variables


There are two ways to run this lab: in your own AWS environment or via a temporary AWS environment provided to you through EventEngine. EventEngine based events are usually sponsored by AWS and are conducted by AWS personnel.

Are you running this lab in EventEngine? When running this Migration lab in EventEngine, the source and destination MSK Clusters are pre-created for you by running an AWS CloudFormation template. In order to complete the lab(s), we need to obtain two outputs: the Stack Name and VPCStackName.

These variables are unique to your environment.

Are you running this lab in your own AWS environment? If you are running the labs in your own AWS environment and not part of Event Engine, you may disregard the following sections.

Obtain Stack Name

In AWS Console, go to CloudFormation, Stacks section and you will see something similar to the following

The Stack name starts with “mod-” and does include “Nested” icon. In the above example, the Stack Name is “mod-653f2c79d52f4b01” because it starts with “mod-” and does not include “Nested icon”.

Copy-and-paste your Stack name.

Obtain VPCStackName

Click on the Stack name you obtained above and then click the Outputs tab. You will see a screen similar to the following. Copy-and-paste your VPCStackName. In the following example, the VPCStackName is “mod-653f2c79d52f4b01-MSKVPCStack-1DPK1XWD6ORC0”.


You may now return to the lab with your unique “Stack Name” and “VPCStackName” values.