Configure Amazon KDA for Java Application

Configure and Run the Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Java application that was created by the CloudFormation stack.

  • Go to the Amazon KDA console, choose the newly created app and click on Application details.


  • Click on Configure

  • Scroll down to Properties and Click on the radio button next to FlinkApplicationProperties

  • Click on Edit group

  • Modify the Values as follows:

    • BootstrapServers - The value copied for Bootstrap servers in the Setup section.
    • ZookeeperConnect - The value copied for Zookeeper connect in the Setup section.
  • Scroll down to the Monitoring section, expand it and under CloudWatch logging check the checkbox next to Enable.

  • Scroll down to VPC Connectivity and Click on the radio button next to VPC configuration based on Amazon MSK cluster. Then in the drop down for Amazon MSK cluster, choose your Amazon MSK cluster.

  • Scroll down to the Security groups section. Delete the selected security group.

  • In the dropdown for Security groups, choose the security group which has KDASecurityGroup in the name.

  • Click on Update.

  • Run the Amazon KDA Application. Click on Run at the top of the page. (It can take a few minutes to start)

  • After the application starts running, refresh the page to see the Application graph.

  • Next click on the Monitoring tab under the Application graph. Take a look and understand the 3 graphs provided. In particular, make sure the top left graph for Downtime is not non-zero.