Steps we will perform in this section

  • Delete all resources created by the lab.

Cleanup workshop resources in your Account

  • Go back to the AWS Cloud9 console. Click on MSKClient-Cloud9EC2Bastion.

  • Click on Open IDE (or go back to the browser tab if already open).

  • You should be connected to the KafkaClientEC2Instance instance.

  • Go to the /tmp/kafka/integration-sample-lambda-msk directory and run the script.
    Note: Change the value of STACK if you changed it from the default.

    export STACK=MSKToS3
    cd /tmp/kafka/integration-sample-lambda-msk
    ./ $STACK
  • Go to the CloudFormation console. Make sure the deletion of the MSKToS3 stack is complete.

  • Click on the name of the MSK Cluster Stack that you created earlier (default MSK).

  • In the upper right hand corner, click on Delete.

  • When asked to confirm, click on Delete stack.

  • Repeat the steps above for the Cloud9 Bastion CloudFormation stack that you created earlier (default MSKClient). Make sure you select the Root stack and not the Nested Stacks.