Please pick a region from the following:

# Region Name Code
1 US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1
2 US West (Oregon) us-west-2
3 EU (Ireland) eu-west-1

Create an EC2 SSH Key Pair

In this section, you will define your personal SSH Key Pair private key, so you can login to the EC2 instances we will use in this lab.

  1. Navigate to the EC2 service and choose Key Pairs in the navigation bar on the left.

  1. Click Create Key Pair and enter a name for the SSH key pair in the resulting dialog box and select Create.

  1. Confirm the download of the generated .pem file to your local machine.

Add Identity to ssh agent

  • On Mac (How to)

    chmod 600 <location of pem file downloaded above>
    ssh-add -K <location of pem file downloaded above>
  • On Windows (How to configure PuTTY on windows)

    • Configure the key-quartermaster. The Pageant program that was installed as part of the PuTTY package, can store your key/s and give them to PuTTY.

      • Open Pageant from the start menu. (Note: it may run off to the system tray.)
      • If it has run off to the system tray, double click it to bring up the main window.
      • Click Add Key and give it your saved key pair.
      • If need be, provide the passphrase.
    • Configure PuTTy.

      • Open PuTTY.
      • Under Connection -> SSH -> Auth.
      • Check Allow agent forwarding.

Install AWS CLI on your computer